Canterbury Court
Foal Raising Services
Verband as an approved foal raising site.
Both our Sanger and O'Neals facilities were
visited by Jorge-Wilhem Wegener, who was
then jumping trainer for the Verden
Auction, currently the Manager for all
Hanoverian auctions. He was very way we
raise our horses but also about the quality
of our breeding herd. The entire time he
was inspecting our pastures, fencing, and
buildings his attention kept being drawn
back to the mares and foals.  We were
approved not only for raising foals, but for
breeding mares and starting young horses.

and may remain until the fall of their two
year old year. They are raised right along
with our own foals. The groups are shifted
between the foot hills and permanent
pasture to mimic the progression of
seasons. The groups are shifted according
to the needs of the individual horses. The
foals are handled regularly , wormed,
vaccinated and trimmed as needed. They
will be taught to tie quietly, pick up their
feet, and load. At two and a half years they
may enter our training program or return to
you to train the way you wish.

The prices vary with the age of the horses
and feed prices. Please contact us for a
current list.