Canterbury Court
At Canterbury Court we have extensive
biomechanics and pedigree evaluation.
When considering a possible mating we
try to breed strength to strength, to
re-enforce the best qualities of our
breeding stock while improving any areas
in touch with European breeders and
breed organizations to ensure that we
continue to maintain the highest
standards of modern sporthorse breeding
for our program.   

We judiciously use semen from European
stallions who have the excellence of
conformation, movement, and production
that we insist on for our mares. Some
very popular stallions are excluded from
our program because of inconsistency of
production or unsoundness of body or
mind.  We particularly like to use stallions
who stamp their get either with type and
movement or performance ability.
Currently we are most impressed with
stallions from Sandro Hit, Donnerhall,
Quattro B, Florestan and Rubinstein lines
for dressage and Cor de la Bruyere, Espri,
Landadel, and Spartan for jumping.