Canterbury Court

When you look over our mare pages you
can link to their mare families. This shows
backgrounds, something we consider
essential for consistently producing good
foals. Occasionally we will offer some of our
brood mares for sale, either because their
daughters are now in breeding or simply to
keep our herd from getting out of hand.  For
2013 we are offering  
Sigourney  in foal to
Presidio and
Giselle in foal to Mardi Gras for
sale. These are both proven broodmares
from very solid dam lines. We will be
retaining their daughters or sisters for our
next generation and wish to share their
great genetics with others. If you are
interested in a horse to ride now and breed
later please look at Pasadena, Nike, and
Peru, found in our
Under Saddle section.
They are all from good foundation mares
and would make excellent candidates for
becoming the basis for your mare herd.

If  you are interested in leasing one of the
mares  or purchasing an embryo to breed
your own foals will we consider doing so on
a case by case basis. All leased mares stay
on our farm during their pregnancy through
weaning of your new baby.