Canterbury Court
!!! News !!!
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our herd sire
Presidio. He died suddenly in the night, with in a paddock with one of his
favorite mares. He had just had a a very successful inspection of his
offspring and had gotten all of the mares he bred this year in foal. He will be
missed not only for the quality of the riding horses he produced but also for
his intelligence and kind temperament. One of the few approved warmblood
stallions that was kept in pasture with his mares and foals, he was always
a gentleman when breeding, as willing to take no for an answer as he was
to breed. He could be seen in the field sharing hay or scratches with his
foals. Presidio will be greatly missed.


Our inspection has been set for Sunday, August 9th. We will start at 8:30 to
help beat the heat. We will also have a sporthorse breeding seminar and a
catered lunch. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge but we ask for a
$25 per person donation to the Fresno Chapter of CDS to help support their
educational programs. Observers are welcome. Please RSVP by calling
559-903-4814 or emailing
Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society Inspection
registration information and
Canterbury Court Inspection registration
Canterbury Court Inspection schedule


Foaling season has been especially long this year. We have had 7 beautiful
foals so far this year - 5 fillies and 2 colts. We have one lone hold out and
then we will be done. The foals have been of exceptional quality this year.
Because of the large number of foals we will be offering 2 or 3 for sale now.
Contact us for details.

Our inspection is just around the corner - Wednesday, August 6 at 8:30. We
are honored to not only have our usual Oldenburg Verband inspectors,
Thomas Rhinow and Holly Simensen but we will also have S judge Melissa
Creswick. This will be an informational inspection with direct interaction
with the inspectors and judge who will give their opinions about judging
young horses. We will have 6 foals and a pony mare as well as several other
young horses to judge. This is a rare chance to learn from the experts and
improve your own abilities to judge a horse.


We have our inspection date - Wdnesday, August 6, 2014. Our inspectors
have once again volunteered to do an instructional inspction. We are
currently trying to get a sporthorse and event horse judge to join us. The
inspection doubles as a fund raiser for the Fresno CDS chapter and will
include lunch and a chanc to meet the judges. Observers are welcome.


All of our 2014 babies have arrived. The last one Qatar C (Quaterback -
Presidio - Bolero) arrived on 5/6/2014 juat as predicted/ It was the only day
that both Marge Young, my emergncy fill-in person, and I were going to be
out of town. Petruschka did her usual no nonsense no problem delivery.
The colt is one of those rare near black Quaterbacks and looks like he'll be
a great dressage prospect.


A recent update to our website program has caused the loss of some of our
text. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are in the process of
updating every page. We thank you for your patience during this editing and
would appreciate your sending a notification about any page with an error
to our email.


Our inspection this year is scheduled for Wednesday, August 7, starting at  
7:00 AM. So far we have 7 foals and two mares to be inspected. If you are
planning to have ahorse inspected please find the inspection forms
and the tentative schedule here. The schedule will be finalized a
week prior to the inspection. Our inspectors will also be presenting
a sporthorse breeding semonar at noon. Lunch will be provided. A
donation of $25/person to the Fresno CDS Chapter is suggested for
the lunch and seminar.


What a weekend! First
Giselle and Sigourney both delivered
Saturday night before 10PM and within 15 minutes of each other.
Both foals are beautiful black and friendly. The filly is Pavlova C
and the colt  is Portugal C.

Presidio - Graf Genius                       

Presidio - Singular Joter

Then Patronus C (Presidio - Winsong by Walter Scott) showing under
the name
Patron won the Open Beginner Novice Division at the Fresno County
Horse Park inaugural Horse Trials. Congratulations to owner and
rider Alexandra Ireland!


Paradiso C showed at First Level in Wellington this weekend
winning three out of four classes with scores up to 68.9%.
Congratulations to his rider and trainer Heidi Gaian!


Paradiso's first Florida show is scheduled for February 1 and 2. We
will post his ride times as soon as we find out. He's currently
training well and has adjusted to the Florida climate and show
ground hubbub with out any difficulty.

Exciting news - Heidi Gaian is taking
Paradiso C (Presidio - Walt
Disney) to Wellington, Florida for the 2013 winter show season. We
are thrilled that with so many good horses at her disposal she has
chosen our Dice to show. Our trainer, Rebecca Noel,  and I will be
traveling to Florida as well for the Dressage Masters and the Global
Forum. We'll take lots of picture and keep you informed. Dice is
working Third Level and really shows some special talent for the
FEI Levels.


We're getting horses prepared for the next show season. Mac is
coming back from the trainers and will soon be started over fences,
Pago Pago is doing 4'3 courses, and Quatermaster is getting ready
for the Young Horse classes. I'm making breeding plans for next
year including starting a line of sport ponies. Have a great holiday !
Sandro's Ace showed at the Prix St. Georges level for the first time
yesterday and scored a 65%! Today he received a 67%. One more
test tomorrow. He is being ridden by Jacklyn Meinen with the
assistance of Pam Nelson and Heidi Gaian. Great job team!

Our inspection was over is record time and with record results.
Querida C (Quaterback - Presidio) owned by Marge Young received a
7.5 and was named a Premium Mare. She praised for her type and
movement. Dr. Hardiman's two thoroughbred mares were accepted
into the Oldenburg book. All four of our Presidio foals (Patek
Pileppe, Tahoe, Portola Valley, and Pas du Chat) received Premium
awards and were complimented as being good riding horses
prospects. Karen Erikson's Weser Ems colt Counting Cards (Casino
Royale - Sir Sinclair) recieved a Foal of Distinction and Stallion
Candidate award. This little buckskin is charming and a
phenomenal mover. The Central Valley has been a consistent
producer of Premium and distinguished foals with this being the
fourth year in a row that we've had a distinguished foal at our site.
Thanks again to our judges Tommy Rhinow and Holly Simensen, our
handlers Erik and Rebecca Noel, helpers Caitlin and Emily and all
our participants. Can't wait for next year!

Our inspection is closed for entries, Please contact the
if you need to find an alternate site.

Our inspection is still scheduled for August 8. However we will be
having an abbreviated inspection because of our inspectors' travel
schedule. We will have coffee but no breakfast, the inspection will
start promptly at 8 AM and end at 10 AM. This will leave 45 minutes
for paperwork, a snack and conversation before Tommy and Holly
have to depart. We will close entries on August 1. Please call
559-903-4814 immediately if you want to have a mare or foal
inspected. We have stalls available but only enough time for 1 or 2
more horses. Please be sure that you have registered with the
Oldenburg office as we will need completed markings and hair
samples before the inspection begins.


We've had a great show season so far. Sandro's Ace has won seven
out of seven classes at Third Level with scores up to 68%. Paradiso
scored a 71% and 75% at Training Level, Allure scored a 74% and
75% at Training Level, and even our jumper boy Polo got a 71% and
a 72%. Rebecca Noel has returned to the Valley to train some of our
upper level horses. In 2 weeks she has Avignon starting canter
pirouettes, half-pass, and 3 and 4 tempi changes.
Peru and Passion are jumping in addition to their dressage training
and Pasadena is developing into a lovely hunter with great honesty.
Time to start the three year olds!


We have our inspection date - August 8, 2012. Observers are
welcome. If you are planning to bring a horse, please contact us as
soon as possible. We have limited space for anyone needing a stall.
Please see our inspections pages for an entry form and more
inspection information. You also need to contact the Oldenburg
office to register your foal or get your mare approved for
inspection. More is information available at


The babies are arriving. Our first, born 1/5, was a surprise.
Apparently Presidio jumped a 5' fence going 2' uphill to get in with
Giselle. We have the cutest little pony/small horse foal - Pas du Chat
otherwise known as Pee Wee. Giselle will be bred back so we can
get another one. Tahoe C (Presidio - Kingston) arrived yesterday in
the middle of Ram Tap. She is very pretty and looks to be a leggy
filly with movement for dressage


It was a sad day today. One of our foundation broodmares, Cartier
by Cordalme, was put down due to a ruptured intestine. Cartier was
a super mare, producing 7 out of 8 First Premium foals and even
nursing an orphan along with her own daughter.  She went quickly
and painlessly. Thanks to Drs. Troy Ford and Fabio Ired for their
care and fast response. Her foal of this year, Patrick James, is
being comforted by his siblings and aunties.


It was a busy weekend in Oregon this past weekend. Prescription
(Presidio  Bolero) was the PSG Open Champion at the annual Oregon
Dressage Society Championships. His score - 70.68%! Prescription's
son Playboy was the First Level Amateur Champion. Those great
genes keep coming through.


Please remember all who died and all who tried to save them 10
years ago.


Presidio's First foal is for sale. Prescription, owned by Jane
Epperson of Boring, Oregon, is offered for sale. He is currently
showing I1 with a score of 65.7% at his debut. For more information
check out his
video  or his ad in Dressage Daily. Jane's heart has
not been in showing since she lost her husband. Any one wanting to
purchase Prescription will have to be personally approved by her.
This is a rare chance to own a beautiful, talented, and sweet horse
with a proven record in the ring.
Sold and returning to California!


Canterbury Court bred horses are having an extraordinary year this
year. Pamona C, owned by Mary Chamberland, is getting dressage
scores in the 70's, Schatznorne C. owned by Lissa Dewar, was
ranked #4 Four Year Old in April, Pixar C, owned by Tiffany Olson,
was Third in the West Coast Sallie B. Wheeler/USEF National Hunter
Breeding Championships in Del Mar, Pessoa C, owned by Stephanie
Strauss, is showing Baby Green hunters in the Pacific Northwest
under the name Flyboy and is currently ranked #5 in his division
with limited showing, and Prada C and Polo C are both in the Greg
Best Clinic in Solvang in two weeks. I love seeing these owners
enjoy their successes with the horses I've bred!


Our inspection was great this year. The weather remained cool
(that's Californian for under 90) for the entire show. Holly Simenson
and Thomas  Rhinow were once again our inspectors. Patina C and
Prada C were presented for Mare inspection and both place in the
Main Mare Book. Palm Springs was the Champion Foal and just
missed being a stallion candidate like his big brother. Two other
foals Patrick James C and Perugina C were awarded First
Premiums. Congrats to all!

The 2010 West Coast Future Event Horse Championships were held
this weekend at Ram Tap.
Prada C (Presidio - Cartier) was the Three
Year Old Mare Champion and
Querida C (Quaterback - Petruschka)
was the Yearling Filly Champion and overall High Point.
Congratulations to their respective owners Dee White and Marge


Canterbury Court inspection delivers Hat trick!

Our annual Oldenburg Verband inspection was held today. The
quality of foals in Central California is amazing. Three "Foal of
Distinction' awards were given and two foals were designated as
stallion candidates. Jackie Eckhaus's Sir Donnerhall - Flemmingh
filly was outstanding. Thomas Rhinow said that she was of the
quality they look for in an Elite Auction foal. Holly Reimer's
Sandomere - Rubintein colt is almost a carbon copy of his sire with
lovely type and movement. Our Presidio - Contender colt Pebble
Beach C not only showed a modern type but exceptional movement
especially for a jumper prospect. Four other foals, Pixar C (Presidio
- Cordalme), Lalique C (Presidio - Wolkenstein II), Sanderson
(Sandomere - Day Dream) and Panama C (Presidio - Walt Disney)
received premium awards. 87.5% of the foals presented were
premium. Only our week old foal, Port Royal C (Presidio - KIngston)
that refused to trot missed out. Quite an accomplishment for our
little area! No other site has had more Foal of Distinction awards!


The Nurnberger Burgpokal Championship (the German National
Dressage Championship) was won by Blind Date, a Breitling -
Donnerhall mare.  She is descended from the same damline as our
foundation stallion Presidio. The success of this mare mirrors our
observation that Presidio crosses well with both Bolero and
Donnerhall descendants. In doing more research we  have found
that Presidio's sire side traces back directly to Eclipse and the
Darley Arabian as well as the phenomenal thoroughbred mares
Selene and Mumtaz Mahal. Truly royal breeding on both sides of the


We have had an extraordinary weekend. Querida came in first and
Prestige came in third in their respective Future Event Horse
classes. Our Quarterback filly Queen of the Night arrived right
before we left for the show. She is a show stopper herself - as dark
a brown as Quaterbacks get, 4 half stockings, a snip and fabulous
movement. Presidio mares are proving to be a great cross for
Quaterback. The next day Fresno CDS had a schooling show. Polo
received a 71% for his T-2 test, Allure received as 72% for T-4, and
Avignon won the entire show with a 75% for 1-1. Congratulations to
their rider-trainer Elizabeth Evans.


Our first foal arrived this morning! California had a gorgeous bay
colt by Presidio. He's already practicing canter pirouettes in the
stall and jumps everything he can. Pebble Beach has great bone
and a lovely modern type. Pictures coming soon.


Foaling season will be starting shortly. We have some great new
crosses as well as some proven ones coming. Our new trainer
Elizabeth Evans is preparing the horses for show season. Prestige
will be going out on the Sporthorse breeding circuit along with his
niece Querida. We'll keep you posted as the season progresses.


Avignon (Willy) has started showing tremendous FEI potential. His
collected trot and canter are awesome. He's offered a few steps of
piaffe and is ready to work on his counter-canter. He is very
reasonably priced and jumps as well.


Pago Pago went to his first schooling show and receieved a 68% at
training level. The best part was that he got off the trailer, needed
no lunging and went right to work. No problems in the busy
warm-up, only minorly distracted when a boarder decided to wash
her horse right next to the dressage arena, and didn't twitch when
a loose horse came careening by his trailer.

It is with very mixed feelings that I announce Presciption's
(Presidio-Bolero) recent victories. This year he was Third Level
Champion for the Oregon Dressage Society, Northwest Dressage,
and USDF Zone 6 all with amateur rider Liz Lawson-Weber. It is
almost unknown for a single horse to win two much less all three of
these championships. What makes his victories bittersweet is that
at the moment he entered the arena for his Oregon Championship
ride his co-owner James Canepa died peacefully after a long illness.
His wife and Prescription's co-owner Jane Epperson is certain that
Jim was in the ring that day cheering their horse on.
Congratulations and condolences.