Canterbury Court

Elite Mare Babuschka was my personal riding
horse. She had an elastic forward reaching trot
(I would see her forefeet with every  step) and a
canter with so much jump that you felt as
though you were about to go over a fence. She
caught on her foal heat every year and
produced six foals in six breeding seasons.  She
was my personal favorite and I am hoping to
keep her blood going through her daughter. Her
full brother Borushkin who was sold at the
Verden Elite Auction for the then record price of
110,000 DM.
Her father Bolero, a 3/4 throughbred, produced
numerous stallions, States Premium mares, and
dressage horses. He founded the Hanoverian B
line and was the grandsire of three horses in the
Athens Olympics - Brentina and Barclay
(brentano II) and Bonaparte (Bon Bonaparte) as
well as being the sire of Beauvallias.
This wonderful mare line progresses back
though two more generations of States Premium
mares ( SPS Anuscha by Argus and SPS Duscha  
by Duellant) to the half Shagya Arabian
Fooundation mare SPS Schatznorne.  SPS
Schatznorne's damline has been written up in
Der Hannoveraner. She is the mother of the
stallion Derby and the grandmother of the  
stallions Antritt (private stallion Rhineland),
Derby (Celle State Stud), and Fleiner (Marbach
State Stud). Lawrence of Arabia (private stallion
Bavaria), Rabentanz, Reflex (private stallion
Bavaria), Wilano (private stallion
Baden-Wurrtemberg),  Wolfschatz (private
stallion Bavaria) and the Southern German Vice
Champion Stallion Bootsman also descend from
this line. This line progresses on today with the
sale of Sky Gate Hit at the Verden foal auction
for the record price of 75,000 Euros and
Daxau the Ic Premium stallion of the 2010
Oldenburg Licensing.

Petruschka combines two great damlines -
Fusion by Frustra II and Schatznorne. With a full
uncle a Bundeschampion, a full brother a
national champion, a daughter who was a
Future Event Horse National Champion, and in
foal to another Bundeschampion she is proving
herself as a dam worth of her heritage.
Petruschka C

2000 Oldenburg Mare
Black 16.2+ hands
Hanoverian Mare Family 798
Skygate Hit  - Sandro
Hit-Brentano II
75,000 euro at Hanoverian
foal auction

Mein Schatz von Marsala
und Schatznorne;
Goldschatz von Grande und
Schatznorne und zuletzt
Komteß von Grande und
Schatznorne. (von vorne
nach hinten)