Canterbury Court

Presidio - Contender - Spitzweg - Grand Royal
2010 Bay Oldenburg colt
Pebble Beach is a beautiful gelding with
three very correct gaits. His light footed
movement is a thrill to watch. He is starting
under saddle and has been easy to train.
He is a definite Young Horse candidate for
either dressage or jumping (or both!).

At Pebble Beach's registration, the
inspectors not only agreed with our
assessment, but even exceeded it by not
only giving him a First Premium and Foal of
Distinction award but designating him as a
stallion candidate as well. They were
impressed by his modern type, good looks,
and uphill movement. He not only drops his
croup when he moves, but he also drives
his hocks well under the plane of his body
giving him a bio-mechanical advantage
that will make being ridden and jumped
easier for him.  
Sire - Presidio
Dam - California C